Why You Should Replace Your Foggy Glass with New Clear Glass

Nobody likes the look of foggy glass on their windows, whether it is in their home or in their workplace. It can be an eyesore to an otherwise beautiful building. If you’re tired of looking through murky glass, here are some things you should know about your windows.

The Reason Your Windows Are Foggy

Extremes in temperature can eventually affect the seals on any windows. The constant contracting and expanding will put stress on the glass that causes the seal to allow moisture in. This moisture also leaves mineral deposits between the window panes. This can stain the glass and becomes the foggy effect visible on windows.

Issues With Aged Glass

Even if you are able to ignore the unpleasant appearance of these windows, they should still be replaced. Windows that have become foggy have a weakened seal. This means they provide poor insulation, which can cause higher energy bills. These stained windows will also decrease the resale value of your home. The best option is always to have clear glass replacement done to your windows.

We Install Clear Glass for Your Dublin Home

The best option is replacing them. Even if you are able to get between the panes to clean, the mineral deposits have already done damage. Replacing your windows is the only way to get the beautiful, shiny windows that you once had. Contact The Glassman at 614-766-7888.

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