Glass Tabletop Repairs

Custom glass tops offer a wide variety of style options. For a dramatic, eye-catching look, nothing says breathtaking like a custom glass top configuration.

Glass top on a desk, furniture or table serves a few purposes. They create a more professional look, protect the desktop, and accentuate the surface of the furniture. Your furniture can be an expensive investment. The Glassman appreciates that investment. As such, we offer glass tabletop repair services to help protect and accentuate your furniture.

Scratches in glass come in different depths and sizes. With the right polish, you can mitigate scratches that are at or near the surface of the glass. Deep scratches, however, require either professional help or replacement of the glass. That's where The Gassman can help!

Depending on the size of the imperfection, the repair should not be very expensive -- and it will look brand-new since a professional is repairing it.

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